Can’t rip a CD in iTunes 10? There seems to be a bug

This one’s kind of humorous. After just falling short of declaring the CD as dead, Apple seems to have a problem with importing CDs in iTunes 10. It could be the case of iTunes 10 revolting against the icon change, or it could be as simple as no developers actually having a CD to test with, but an Apple Discussions thread is already ten pages long.

For those experiencing the problem, it seems like iTunes might be downright possessed. ” iTunes starts going crazy. It shows the CD for a few seconds and then starts to jump between the CD and the Music section, constantly (like, at least, 5 times a second or so). In addition, iTunes won’t react to any input, anymore. This goes on for 20 seconds or so and suddenly the CD is gone in iTunes. The Finder won’t show the CD, too, although it is still in the DVD drive.” Clearly iTunes feels the same way about physical media that Apple does. Ten pages of “dittos” later, the Apple Discussion board seems to be really on to something here.

We’ve tried to duplicate the problem and create a video of it happening, but after ripping the only three CDs I could find, iTunes seems to be acting completely as normal.  But, it sound like it can be particularly nasty, so you might want to avoid ripping some CDs until you hear that the bug has been patched.

Has anyone else noticed the problem? If so, you might want to check out the as yet unresolved discussion thread on Apple’s website. Surely someone will come up with a fix.

Via Apple Discussion Board and iLounge

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