Get rid of those out of battery woes with the Japanese thermo-electric cookpot

Japan. The land of robots, flying cars and dirty used underwear vending machines. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration. However, what is true is that it’s a country which still drives forward the world’s technology.

Some clever people in the Land of the Rising Sun have invented a mobile phone charging device that’s powered by boiling a pot of water over a campfire. You might ask why you’d need this, with signal reception being so poor in the woods, but as the recent tsunami devastation has shown, being able to power devices in an emergency could mean the difference between life and death.

The Hatsuden-Nabe thermo-electric cookpot — its full, scientific name — converts any heat generated into electricity before sending it to a USB port. That means it can theoretically charge anything that is powered by a USB connection.

It’ll cost you $299 and is from TES NewEnergy. It’s obviously targeted at disaster situations and developing countries where electricity sockets are hard to come by.

Be sure to pack one in your bag when you next go hiking.

Article Via Yahoo


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