Resurrect your iPhone 3G with the alternative Whited00r operating system

If you’re just not ready to upgrade from your iPhone 3G, but you can’t handle the lag that recent updates brought with them, you may want to try out Whited00r. You need to be comfortable with jailbreaking your phone, but honestly, if you’re still using an iPhone 3G, you don’t really have all that much to lose by trying out this iOS hack to speed up your phone.

In addition to drastically increasing the speed of your now legacy device, the modified operating system also brings multitasking, folders, reminders, iCloud, video recording, Newsstand, and other enhancements that Apple abandoned for your phone, given its age, specification, and general sluggishness.

The operating system is free, and the Whited00r website has detailed instructions on how to install the alternative OS. Whited00r also supports iPhone 2G-3G, iPod touch 1G-2G.

It’s a pretty nifty project, and we recommend checking them out, especially if you’re tired of lagging around iOS on your older device.

Via: Cult of Mac

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