Rest easy, Final Cut Pro X updates to bring missing features … eventually

If you’re annoyed about Final Cut Pro X’s inability to import Final Cut Pro 7, or even 6 projects, we have some good news for you. Philip Hodgetts, a popular video production blogger, reached out to Apple for some answers about missing features and got some more answers for us. Primarily, Pro X will eventually let users import FCP 6 and 7 projects in an upcoming update. The software should also get a replacement for an XML workflow as well as multicam editing. It’s his understanding that Apple will release a utility to update the projects. He also recommends not upgrading mid-project, despite the promises for importability coming in the future.

It’s also being noted by Larry Jordan that Apple plans on decreasing their Final Cut update schedule from 18 months down to about two updates per year. That could mean we might see this update anywhere between next month and 6 months from now, should this also be true. Given the annoyances being aired online about Final Cut Pro X, we’d guess that these updates are a major priority. People are already making plans for moving on to other packages without even trying the newly minted Final Cut Pro X. That’s bad news for Apple.

Currently, should these nuggest turn out to be legitimate, there’s no update set for the near future, so all you fine film editors are going to have to go without your missing features for a while longer. But, at least there’s some promising information today, unlike yesterday, where it was mostly doom and gloom for Apple’s pro video-editing bundle.

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