Repairman installs webcam control software to spy on female Mac owners

Creep Alert: Do you really know who’s looking at you when you’re surfing the web? Supposedly not, according to the story that’s come out of Fullerton, California. A computer repairman, Trevor Harwell, has been accused of using his technological know-how to take control of vulnerable women’s computers.

By vulnerable, we mean those that have no clue how to troubleshoot their Macs. It’s alleged that the 20 year old, unbeknownst to his customers, installed Camcapture software to control their Mac webcams remotely.

You hardly need the most active imagination to guess why he thought this a worthwhile endeavour. So how did he get caught?

Harwell thought it wise to enable messages that would occasionally pop up advising users to “fix your internal sensor soon,” by “putting your laptop near hot steam for several minutes to clean [it].” Basically, take the Mac with you to the bathroom while you shower.

The hapless Trevor was finally busted when a woman asked a friend why the webcam light was on. He’s currently facing 12 felony charges.

Article Via CNET

Photo Credit: Gawker / ABC7

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