Remove iPhoto duplicates with Duplifinder

I hate duplicates so much, I usually find myself searching for them in iTunes on a daily basis. Luckily there are built-in tools that let us find and remove song duplicates in iTunes, but there’s nothing similar in iPhoto. If you update your systems a lot, and find yourself restoring backups, there’s probably a good chance that you have duplicates in iPhoto. I have a ton, but now I have a way to get rid of them quickly. Enter Duplifinder.

I have a ton of duplicate photos, and usually I remove them by hand, one by one. Haystack Software, the creators of the popular Amazon S3 application Arq, has just released Duplifinder. Duplifinder finds and eliminates duplicate photos and videos from iPhoto.

It’s as simple as running the application, and clicking a button that removes the photo duplicates. The application isn’t something that you’ll use on a daily basis, hopefully, but having it available to you in a pinch will be huge.

Duplifinder is available from the Haystack Software website for $7.00.

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