Remember Paul Shin Devine? Justice does.


Paul Shin Devine, a former Apple retail manager, pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court in San Jose. Devine was involved in a major kickback scheme involving the Apple’s retail supply chain. He is no stranger to shady activity. He’s been shoving money under his bed and accepting $1 million in exchange for Apple secrets. Even more, federal officials have found more money in foreign accounts and safe deposit boxes. As we all know, crime does not pay.

The US Attorney said that Devine will surrender $2.25 million in proceeds and property. Keep in mind that Devine originally pleaded not guilty at first, but later agreed to guard Apple’s trade secrets if the case came to court. Devine could possibly face up to twenty years in jail, and is awaiting his sentence on June 6th. Looks like someone ran out of karma.

Article Via Gizmodo and Cult of Mac

Photo Credit: ibuymobile

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