A Regent street Apple Store employee is talking smack on Twitter

We’ve seen plenty of content online from disgruntled Apple Store employees. Over the years they’ve ranged from Twitter accounts to websites named Crapple. In most cases it’s usually someone disenchanted with their job, or annoyed at Apple in general. Someone at the Regent street Apple Store in London might be the latest in a series of Apple Store employees taking to social media to vent in public. A twitter account has popped up online, and it has gone from cordial to pissed off pretty quickly between April 21 and May 6th.

Here are some other doozys from the @AppleRegentSt account:

  • “The reason we’re asking you to buy the AppleCare with everything, is because it makes our lives a lot easier come performance review time”
  • “Some customers expect you to perform more tasks simultaneously than the Whore of Babylon. I’m a fucking human being just like you!”
  • “Pre-warning. If you ask me what is the best anything, I’m going to say the most expensive one. Without exception.”
  • “I don’t call them Geniuses, I call them repair-men. Call a spade a spade- or in this case a dickhead a repairman.”
  • “It’s actually grounds to get fired if you we are caught on @appleinsider @ifoapplestore @macrumors et al, even when you’re NOT at work!”
  • “Yesterday I was shackled on a OnetoOne session with a customer who obviously hadn’t washed his balls in days. He asked how to hide browsing.”

It sounds like someone either needs to find a new job, or working at the Apple Store has seriously gotten a lot worse in the last couple of years. While the account could very well be a fake, the author also posted a pic of his employee lanyard and contract online today. Take it for what it’s worth.

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