Rdio Opens Up Its Vdio Movie Streaming Service To Non-Rdio Members

When Rdio first unveiled its movie and TV show streaming service to the world last month, users had to be premium Rdio subscribers if they wanted to try out buying or renting one of the film’s selections. Now, however, Rdio has opened up access to the service, as users in the U.S. and UK can now sign up for Vdio directly with their Facebook or e-mail account, with no need to have an existing Rdio account.

Unlike Rdio, Vdio is a video-on-demand service that doesn’t require any monthly subscription. Users can rent or buy from a number of new release movies and shows from prices ranging between $4.50 and $15.00. It’s a similar offering as to what iTunes offers in its own movie store.

Rdio says that it does have future plans to expand into a streaming service, as well as into other territories. Right now, however, it wants to focus on newly released content, that it says can only be delivered through an on-demand format.

If you’re in the U.S. or UK, check out the site’s offerings here. You can also download the official iPad app here.

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