Rdio Adds Station Tuning, Improved Search, Album Art View

Rdio has updated its iOS app to offer a station tuning feature. This means that users can tweak collections to “play more familiar or more adventurous” music. This feature is meant to allow users to discover new music while listening to Collections made by their friends or by themselves. The feature can also be used to help users play more familiar tracks as well, making diving into a new Collection a bit more enjoyable.

On top of station tuning, Rdio’s iOS app has received two more additions: album art view and improved search. Album art mode lets users browse their collection more easily and beautifully using album artwork from . Rdio’s improved search now lets you filter results to more easily find the artist, label, song, or album you’re looking for.

Rdio’s move to add a better music discovery feature comes right before the launch of iTunes Radio and the removal of Pandora’s free account limit. Both of these services are huge competitors to Rdio, so the company needs to keep on innovating to keep its users.

Rdio is a music subscription service that allows paying users to stream unlimited music to their computer and mobile devices. There is also a free account that gives users free streaming to their web browser. The service features all types of music from tons of different record labels, so it’s definitely worth a look if you love music.

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