Rare OS7 inspired playing cards find their way onto eBay

Some people collect Apple products. I’m not one of them. I prefer throwing things out. I purge, and purge, and purge some more. But, I know at least one of our writers has a giant collection of Apple computers going, and he’s clearly not alone with his Apple collection. Some people collect Apple products, and these cards would make a great edition to any Apple collector’s collection of goods.

Collectors take note, a super rare set of playing cards made their way onto eBay today. An Apple branded set of playing cards is now available for your bidding. It comes complete with Apple artwork based on OS 7, and it could be a fun busting these out at your next Apple-esque poker night.

The auction is up for another 6 days, so make sure you go check out the listing if you’re interested. But keep in mind that these things can get a little bit ridiculous in price. The card deck is already selling for £205.00, and it has 21 bids.

Article Via The Next Web

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