Lion enhanced finance management coming via QuickBooks Mac 2012 on September 26th

Keeping track of your finances is important. Intuit built its empire on that fact and now us Mac business owners have a new version of QuickBooks to look forward to. QuickBooks Mac 2012 is set to hit the streets September 26th and will drop completely Lion enhanced!

The latest iteration of QuickBooks comes bundled with more than 50 new features to keep you crunching numbers and generating reports until the wee hours of the night. Among these new features are a new search engine with keywords as well as filters and new panels to view transaction history for both vendors and customers.

You can pick up your copy of QuickBooks Mac 2012 via download on as well as  and Apple’s Online store for $230. This price point gets you a single user license, and it remains to be seen if multiuser / volume pricing will be available. There doesn’t seem to be any indication that this release will be available via the Mac App Store, which basically shows that while they may be enhancing this for Lion, they are missing the point.

Listen Up! Quickbooks should be in the App Store!

We love that companies put up a facade of interest in taking advantage of new features, but we are on to the fact that you only exploit this fact as a marketing tool. We want you to innovate. We want you to take advantage of tools provided to make a better product, not to simply add simulated value and stick it to us when there is no upside for you. This should be in the App Store. Apple consumers have shown we are embracing the App Store and the unification of software distribution platforms. Anyway, back to the topic.

Alongside of this release comes the announcement of an updated Cloud edition which allows you to manage your millions cross-platform, as well as add-ons to help you integrate your business data with Salesforce.

Intuit: Online Store
Via: 9To5Mac

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