Rumor: 5th generation iPod touch photos circulating

CrunchGear is reporting that images have been circulating of a purported 5th generation iPod touch. Some of the supposed specifications for this model are a capacitive touch home button and 128GB of storage.

There are some aspects of the images that may point to this model being a fake. The first is that the model number is MC550LL. The iPod touch 4th generation have model numbers in the MC54XLL range, and the iPod touch 3rd generation are MC0XxLL models. So, the model number MC550LL doesn’t fit the series. That being said, it could be part of a numbering scheme used for test devices.

The second aspect is that the capacity of 128GB. I know that there are many users who wish to have 128GB of storage in both an iPhone and iPod touch. There were many last year who speculated that the 4th generation iPod touches would have a 128GB storage option, but this never happened.

The last aspect is something not mentioned in CrunchGear’s article. The picture of the front of the ‘new’ iPod touch seems to be photoshopped. Despite not being a photoshopper, in my opinion the home button has just been edited out and is still somewhat visible, or at least appears visible. That being said, I admit that the problem might just be a combination of the use of the iPod touch and the light angle.

If these are real pictures we will get confirmation at the next iPod event, which may be in September, assuming Apple follows their usual announcement schedule for iPods.

Article Via CrunchGear

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