PSA: Watch out for Malware, OpinionSpy is on the prowl

We’d be doing everyone a dis-service if we didn’t let you all know that there’s some new Spyware aimed at OS X that’s making the rounds for the last couple of months. It’s called OSX/OpinionSpy, and it’s hanging around free screensavers and media conversion software packages. You know, the typical places where viruses hang out.

You can’t get yourself infected unless you install the software, which was removed from popular software sites like MacUpdate and Softpedia already, so make sure you pay attention to your downloaded software, and, more importantly, make sure you’re downloading them from vendors directly.

This particular piece of spyware downloads itself while your program is installing, and then starts data mining your computer. The extent of the data farming is currently unclear. As always, practice safe internet surfing and don’t download crap. Only install the things you’re looking for, and avoid spammy crap like free screensavers and magical toolbars. If you can practice self-restraint you’ll be fine. Another quick PSA—don’t give any application your administrator password unless you’re 100 percent sure it’s for something you’re legitimately doing (ie. clicking the lock button in System Preferences). Practice caution, and you won’t have a problem.

Also, you should keep in mind that the people who broke this news is an antivirus software company called Intego. There’s nothing like banging the war drums to sell more war drums.

Article Via The Apple Blog

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