Project Spartan rumored to be the awesome release Zuckerberg teased last week

Droves of digital farm hands have been clamoring around a statement from Mark Zuckerberg all week.  The founder of Facebook revealed that something “awesome” would be launching this week, causing widespread rumors of what it could entail.

TechCrunch is going against the grain with their predictions, claiming that the long reported Project Spartan, Facebook’s HTML-5 based API platform, is the awesome that Zuck was referring to in his comments last week.

TechCrunch first reported on Spartan a few weeks ago and touted it as a new HTML-5 platform for web developers to access the Facebook API from mobile browsers. This would allow them to create Facebook-enabled games on platforms that aren’t Flash-enabled such as the iPhone and iPad.

Many disagree with TechCrunch and are speculating that a possible partnership with Skype to offer a competitor to the Hangout feature of Google+ would be the obvious “awesome” announcement. This rumor is slightly enhanced with the deeper rooted Facebook integration in the latest Skype desktop client for Windows.

Via: MacStories
Source: TechCrunch

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