Pretty soon you’ll be able to ‘self-checkout’ at the Apple store

An update to Apple’s iOS App Store application may be about to not only get an upgrade, but also provide customers with the ability to self-checkout while shopping in their retail stores using an EasyPay system.


Apple is also updating its own Apple store app on iPhone/iPod to incorporate EasyPay that allows customers to check themselves out for accessories purchases. EasyPay is the same platform Apple employees use to complete those in-store credit card purchases. Since higher priced Apple products are all stocked up in the backroom, you’ll still have to find the help of an employee. Expect the update in a few days on November 3rd, just in time for the holidays.

MacRumors is also reporting that they’re hearing the same thing.

This will be great, should it turn out to be true. How many times have you meandered around an Apple Store looking for an employee who’s not engaged in a deep discussion with a customer to check you out? Being able to check myself out, then leave, without ever having to talk to a person is great. But, something tells me that the security guard who keeps eyeing me as I walk around the store will want a few words with me before I fully make it out of the building.

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