Presenting iCup, The Perfect Coffee Cup For Apple Fans

Taking a walk past your local Starbucks is sure to tell you one thing. Apple users like them some coffee. With that being said, here’s the perfect product to sip your brew from while typing away on your computer.

The iCup is an Apple themed coffee cup that keeps your coffee warm and looks pretty slick while doing it. It features an Apple shaped cup, on top of an Apple shaped plate, complete with an Apple shaped stirring spoon. Yay Apple!

Not only that, but it also comes with a USB plug-in designed to keep your coffee warm for a longer period of time.

Unfortunately, you can’t actually purchase the iCup as it’s merely a design concept. Since Apple would have to approve such a thing before it could be created or sold, there’s a good chance it will never become a commercial product.

Perhaps this is a good thing. There’s something unsettling about leashing a hot cup of coffee directly to a laptop.

Toby is a writer of word and a lover of Apple, hip-hop, life, and technology.