Poll results are in, and apparently Macgasm should rebrand to iPhone5gasm

Some of you, hopefully most of you, may have noticed that we’ve been running polls in our sidebar. The goals are two fold. First, we use them to crack jokes. Second, we like seeing the trends and opinions of our readers, who seem to love voting more than they do actually commenting.

The last couple of weeks we have run a tongue-in-cheek poll asking our readers what products they were most excited for in 2012. Turns out Macgasm may have to rethink its approach and consider rebranding to iPhone5gasm or even iGasm. We’re not big fans of slapping an i in front of everything, but the poll results don’t lie: you guys are absolutely in love with your iOS products.

According to our poll results, 72.1 percent of the readers who voted are more excited for the next iPhone and iPad (the iPhone 5 got 42.84 percent; the iPad 29.26 percent). That’s pretty huge, considering it was up against the rumor of the sexy, yet to be released, Apple Television, which only 15.68 percent of our readers voted for.

If you’re reading this, and you’ve often found yourself wondering why everything these days seems to come up Milhouse iPhone and iPad on the Internet, the results are hard to argue.

The results shouldn’t be taken as the authority on what most Apple fans are thinking, but we’re pretty confident that our readers represent the demographic on a whole. We also threw in a new Mac Pro and PlayBook 2.0 to keep things a little light, and it’s pretty clear that our readers don’t care about either of those things. The Mac Pro got just 10.37 percent and the PlayBook 2.0 received a whopping 1.85 percent of the votes, which is right about where we thought those two future products would fall around these parts of the Internet.

When you stop and think about where Apple’s heading, and why there’s such a huge emphasis on iOS devices and iOS-like experiences these days, it might make sense to consider the enthusiasm and excitement that the general population feels for the iPhone and iPad. It’s clearly on a lot of people’s minds still.

We’re still working on our next poll, so for now you can check out the results of this fine poll in our sidebar.

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