PlasmaTrim gives you programable lighting over USB

Mood lighting is always nice, but what about programable mood lighting? That’s what PlasmaTrim is for. This Kickstarter project is out to sell a bar of LED lights that attaches to your computer and offers complete programability for your lighting environment.

PlasmaTrim can cycle through patterns and give your Mac a nice glow, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Because it is both powered and controlled over USB, you can write plugins to trigger certain colors or patterns for different events. Receive an email? Make it flash red. Is your torrent finished? Make it strobe blue. This is an incredibly cool idea, and you can grab your very own for only $55 USD. Be quick about it, though. The Kickstarter project ends in six days. The best news is that they have already crossed their $20,000 minimum goal for funding, so your product is guaranteed to get made.


If you’d prefer to keep your PlasmaTrim elsewhere, you can configure it however you’d like on your computer, and then simply provide power over USB, and this bar of LEDs will shine brightly wherever you’d please. The only improvement would be if there was an option to tuck the cord into the device, and then run it off of AAs. Maybe we’ll see a version two!

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