Pinterest Ditches Invitations, Finally Opens To The World

When Pinterest launched last year, the site opened as an invite only service. And while it wasn’t hard to get an invite, they will no longer be needed as of today. Pinterest has announced that they will no longer require an invite to join their service; all you have to do it signup via Pinterest’s website. The supposed reason behind Pinterest being invite only for so long is that they didn’t have enough server capacity to allow for hundreds of new signups a day.

Pinterest has confirmed that they will be opening to the general public in a statement made on their company blog. We have embedded the statement below:

We’re really excited to have the capacity to offer Pinterest to more people and if you’re a Pinner with friends who’ve been waiting on the sidelines, we hope you’ll let them know. Happy pinning to everyone!

If you’re unaware, Pinterest is a relatively new social network that allows users to “pin” pictures and links to a board which they create. Once you’ve created a board with your interests, other users can choose to follow your board and repin your pins to their boards. And while this may seem a bit complicated at first, the social network is pretty easy to get the hang of after a bit.

Source: TechCrunch

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