Pic: Joy of Tech explains how to profit from the Apple rumor mill

While you could just sit back and let everyone else make up Apple rumors, and then comment on them for page views, you could also just make up a couple of your own for profit.  If you’re looking to cash in on the Apple rumor mill, Joy of Tech has a great flow chart to help you through the process.

It’s pretty sad that this type of flow chart even has to exist, but props to Joy of Tech for calling it like it is these days.

So let’s talk about a serious issue here: rumors can really shake things up for big companies like Apple. One whisper about a new gizmo and bam, Apple’s stock does a hopscotch. Remember the iPhone rumors? Stocks jumped like they had pogo sticks. And when the iPad was just a maybe-baby, investors were riding the seesaw. But here’s the kicker: should news folks be joining this playground just for the clicks and giggles, or double-check the whispers before shouting them from the monkey bars? It’s all fun and games until the facts get twisted. Keep it real, reporters, keep it real.

Image Credit: Joy Of Tech

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