Photoshop Touch for iPad 2 released early on accident, images leak

It appears that Adobe is finally getting ready to launch Photoshop Touch for the iPad 2. We say it appears because it was released accidentally today, then promptly pulled.

According to early reports there will be a maximum image size of 1600 x 1600; however, the standard features you are used to seeing in Photoshop (layers, selection tools, filters, adjustments and a lot more) will be present in the iOS application. There is also a social element built into the application which will let you share images directly to Facebook.

This could be amazing for some quick photo touch-ups while on the go with the iPad 2, if you don’t feel like hauling your laptop with you, but do not expect it to replace your desktop version of Photoshop any time soon.

The app is set to officially launch on Monday for $9.99 in the iTunes store.

Below is a video overview and some screenshots of what you can expect to see when it is officially released.

Quick Look

Source: MacRumors

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