Paypal Will Now Sell You Digital iTunes Gift Cards Right On Its Website

You may have thought you already had enough ways of getting money over onto your iTunes account, but Paypal would like to give you yet another.

If you’re a frequent Paypal user, you should be happy to hear that the company has unveiled its new “PayPal Digital Gifts” store. This is a new feature on Paypal that will allow users to buy digital gift cards online directly through PayPal itself. So far the store is just offering iTunes cards, but expect PayPal to partner with other retailers in the near future.

Customers can use their existing PayPal balance to purchase the digital gift cards, so you won’t require a credit card if you have money on your account. The gift codes can also be gifted directly to a friend through e-mail if you’re in the giving spirit.

Currently you can use the store to buy iTunes gift cards in $15, $25, $50, and $100 denominations. The codes are only valid for use with the U.S. iTunes store.

Visit the new PayPal Digital Gifts store here.

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