Third party Google music app now on the App Store

Apple has approved gMusic, an application that lets users access their Google Music account, giving the users the ability to stream music directly to their iPhone or iPod touch.

The application, designed by IIS, does everything that a music player should in today’s world. Music is separated into different listings, including Playlists, Artists, Songs, Albums, and Genres. Users can then stream their music from the Google servers directly to their music devices. gMusic looks a little bit like the native iPod (aka Music) application. Early reports have the application acting a little bit buggy, but worth the purchase.

We’re a little bit surprised that Apple would let an application that is in direct competition with iCloud and iTunes find its way onto the App Store. It could be that the application slipped through the cracks, so just to be safe, we recommend buying the application immediately if you think you may want it. It could get pulled at any moment.

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