Parallels takes their install files to SD Memory Cards

The war on optical solutions for software distribution continues, but this time, instead of Apple leading the charge, Parallels has decided that it will begin to distribute their software on 4GB SD Cards alongside DVDs.

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac SD Card Edition will be available at software retail stores starting March 22nd.  The Parallels Desktop software on the SD card is identical with software on the DVD in the box, which will continue to be available.

The idea behind the move is that an SD card is re-usable, while optical media usually carries one purpose. Obviously the move is of particular interest to Apple users, considering Apple’s been slowly moving all of their software titles to a digital, over-the-internet installation process. While the 13-inch MacBook Airs and all MacBook Pros now have built in SD card slots, not all computers ship with one out of the box. Most notable out of the bunch is the 11-inch MacBook Air and MacBook.

Therein lies the problem—installing media through an SD Card reader is something that may not natively be supported on all computers moving forward. It’s for this reason alone that I’ve been suggesting that friends and family move their software purchases to the Mac App Store and online. All computers have, or will have, access to the internet in the future.

What do you think? Would you prefer having a physical copy of a software bundle on an SD Card, or do you just head on over to the Mac App Store?

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