We Dare You To Spot The Computer Built Into This Door

Putting a computer in the kitchen doesn’t mean you have to lose countertop space. Designforhire on Instructables built a computer into a kitchen pantry door. But that isn’t all: When the computer isn’t in use, its keyboard is tucked away and its screen is covered up with a wall calendar.

Designforhire used a variety of common household items to make this DIY computer-in-a-door a reality—a door (duh), a dry-erase board, wooden studs, and the requisite computer components.

You might have noticed that Designforhire used a PC, but I imagine you could modify this project to support a Mac Mini or even one of the current-generation iMacs—or better yet, an iPad. Hop on over to Instructables for more photos and full instructions.

Nick spends way too much time in front of a computer, so he figures he may as well write about it. He's previously written for IDG's PCWorld and TechHive.