Palm OS Emulator Released For Android

Palm OS Emulator For Android

Want to run all of your favorite Palm OS games and applications but don’t want to be seen carrying around a Treo 650? StyleTap feels your pain and wants to help. StyleTap for Android allows you to run all of your Palm OS apps built for OS 5.2 and earlier on any Android device running Android 2.0 or higher. And while this app is mainly geared for the enterprise market that needs to hold onto old Palm apps but wants to upgrade to a newer platform, it’s available for hobbyists and Palm enthusiasts as well.

StyleTap for Android offers a ton of cool features for Palm enthusiasts such as being able to copy and paste between Android and Palm apps as well as offering support for Android GPS within Palm apps. More information on functionality is available on StyleTap’s website.

If you want to grap StyleTap for Android, expect to part with a few bucks. As of now, StyleTap for Android will run you $50 for a full license with a 14-day free trial available. For what you’re getting, I think that StyleTap is a bit overpriced and may want to reconsider their price. However, I think that hobbyists will really appreciate this app. Finally, StyleTap is not available from Google Play, but directly from StyleTap.

Source: StyleTap via Engadget
Image Credit: Engadget

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