Packages are arriving at Apple Stores. It’s probably new MacBook Pros.

Apple has begun shipping updated products; however, these products are sealed up and blacked out, and no one knows what’s inside. It could be iPads, it could be iPhones, or it could be those new MacBook Pros everyone’s been talking about lately.

Good Ole’ Apple Inc. has been lecturing their retail employees and retailers about the strict warnings about open those packages. “Apple is vocalizing its right to yank reseller licenses from any dealer who tampers with the sealed shipments ahead of that said announcement.” How’s that for putting pressure on retail channels?

MacRumors has “confirmed” that Thursday, February 24th is the big day for the release of the new MacBook Pros. If true, it’s highly likely that these products showing up at Apple stores are in fact MacBook Pros. So, if you’re in the market for a new MacBook Pro, you’re going to want to be around your phone on Thursday. Given the stock shortages over the last month, we have a feeling that a lot of people might be ready to pull the trigger on the new model.

Brush off the dust from that credit card. It’s about to get serious.

Article Via MacRumors and Apple Insider
Photo Credit: perardi

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