Overheard: Microsoft rumored to have iPad group

Oh, the things we can think. While sitting in a Starbucks in Seattle, iPhoneDevCamp founder Raven Zachary found himself beside two Microsoft employees discussing “things they should not be.” Among the interesting snippets of conversation overheard was the mention of an “iPad group” in the California office.

According to Zachary, it wasn’t clear whether it was an app development team, or simply competitive intelligence. The former would be quite an interesting development, given the general feeling of resentment for all things Apple that comes out of Microsoft. The latter would make sense, in order for Microsoft to keep track of what the competition is doing.

To be fair, Microsoft does have iPhone apps, and Mac Office is chugging right along with the new 2011 release. Maybe they are working on universal versions of their iPhone apps (Windows Live Messenger and Bing, in case you’re keeping tabs).

One place where Microsoft is doing interesting things is in the gaming space, with the new Kinect for Xbox and a revamp of the games for Windows LIVE coming soon. And the recently released Windows Phone 7 has integration with Xbox live. Could an Xbox experience be coming to the iPad? That would be interesting indeed.

Article Via Electronista

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