Outlook.com Hits 10 Million Users, SkyDrive Apps And Website Updated

As many of you know, Microsoft has been heavily focusing on their mobile and web apps as of recently. Because of this, they’ve launched a ton of new web services, such as the new Outlook.com and an updated SkyDrive, Microsoft’s Dropbox alternative. Microsoft has recently written a pretty long blog post on their Inside SkyDrive blog explaining some of the upcoming UI changes to SkyDrive as well as feature upgrades. However, this blog post is pretty long, so we figured we’d shorten it up and share the most important details with you in this post.  

Let’s start by going over the Outlook.com stats. Earlier this month, Microsoft launched their new email service under the name Outlook.com. This service is supposed to replace Windows Live Mail and Hotmail by giving users a more elegant experience and a shot at a cool new @Outlook.com email address. And while Microsoft hasn’t given too many details as to how users are enjoying the service, they have released numbers. Microsoft has announced that over 10 million people have registered for an Outlook.com email address.

Microsoft has also released a ton of information about SkyDrive, including details regarding a new SkyDrive OS X app, Windows app and Android app. Microsoft also released information about their new HTML5-filled web client. The OS X and Windows app will both feature bug fixes, which will allow for faster file uploads. The Android app, on the other hand, is all new. Before now, Android users have had to use the SkyDrive mobile website, which, to be totally honest, really sucks. This app allows Android users to upload, download and view files on their SkyDrive account. Finally, SkyDrive has also released an API to developers allowing them to build killer apps that integrate with SkyDrive. The new web client features a totally redone “Metro” interface. Not only does the new SkyDrive look sexy, but it also has a Google Docs-like way of editing Office files in the cloud.

So, what do you think of the new and improved SkyDrive and Outlook.com email? Let us know in the comments below this post. And if you want bonus points, tell us if you use Outlook.com and SkyDrive on a daily basis.

Source: Inside SkyDrive


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