OtterBox Reflex Series provides lightweight protection, confusing features

When someone asks me which case provides the best protection for the iPhone or iPad, I always give the same answer: OtterBox. I simply haven’t found a solution that outprotects and/or is more readily available.

The Reflex Series iPad 2 case, which is the latest  from OtterBox, offers light weight, low profile protection and a few features that make using your device easier and more comfortable.

Let’s start with what makes OtterBox so popular: protection. The shell, which appears to be polycarbonate, is a two-piece design and snaps together forming a tight fit with no movement. The case also features a touch screen shield and that’s where things start getting weird.

It’s not entirely clear wether the entire screen is covered, but it appears from the images that there is a cut-out in the center (guesstimate 2″x3″). When removed from the case, the screen protector folds in half and doubles as an iPad display and typing stand. This design choice hasn’t ceased invoking the occasional WTF as I sit and write this article.

One of the coolest features of the Reflex Series iPad 2 case is the routed audio channels. Basically, this is a depression in the shape of the case that allows sound to travel out of the iPad’s bottom speaker towards the viewer. (No more cupping your hand on the speaker to hear your movie in loud environments. I think every case that has the real estate for this should be including it!

The case looks pretty slick, albeit the whole screen protector design is a little strange. I’m sure it’s set up to take a few bruises and keep smiling. You can pick up the OtterBox Reflex Series iPad 2 case now directly from their website for $69.95.

OtterBox: iPad 2 Reflex Series Case

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