OS X Lion gets an unofficial preview video on YouTube

We’ve been really tentative about reporting on the OS X Lion developer release. If you’ve spent any time working on a developer release in the past, you’ll know that features are known to disappear from time to time. We’re not comfortable exclaiming new features that just might change by ship date.

Jumping in and giving our readers false expectations about an application, that’s still being tested, isn’t exactly something we’re comfortable doing.

That being said, a lot of websites and people are releasing very detailed information on OS X Lion. A nifty preview video has surfaced on YouTube. The video shows off the new Finder, Mail, Dashboard, and everything else you’d expect to see in a preview video.

You can see it all in NatureEye’s YouTube video, attached below.

The Video


Editors Notes:

That being said, we’ve read your emails asking about our lack of in-depth coverage on OS X Lion. Simple put, we don’t have an OS X based developer account, nor do we feel comfortable signing up with the sole intention of breaking the NDA. We’ll pass along what we can from other websites when appropriate.

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