OS X Lion Golden Master loaded hard drives land at brick and mortar Apple Stores

Creeping closer and closer to the release of Lion, Apple Retail Stores have begun receiving hard drives loaded with the latest OS. These hard drives are for installing Lion on to all of the demo machines that fill our favorite brick and mortar spot!

Apple appears to be living up to the rumors of a Wednesday launch of OS X Lion. Previously, they had only revealed a July launch, but didn’t give a specific date. For those unfamiliar with development, a Golden Master copy of software is most often the final retail ready version resulting from the development cycle and beta testing.

Adding fuel to the Lion fire are rumors of refreshed Mac minis and MacBook Airs, which will undoubtedly be preloaded with the latest OS.

This is the first time I’ve held off on installing a beta OS since (don’t hate me) Windows 3.11.  I’m really excited at the prospect of installing it once and it working as advertised with no missing features! Now that OS X Lion Golden Master is making its way to stores, I may actually be able to achieve that goal!

Lion, which is technically version number 10.7 in Apple’s OS X line, marks a pretty substantial shift in computing as the interface starts to evolve into a more organic touch based gesture system.

Source: MacRumors

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