Oracle’s VirtualBox updated to 4.0, addresses bugs

It you want to try out virtualization, but don’t want to shell out the cash for Parallels or Vmware, you might be interested in VirtualBox. Oracle has been offering up the free program for a couple of years now, and it’s still being maintained. Today Virtual Box has reached 4.0, and there’s a ton of new and overly complicated sounding features.

In addition to redesigning the UI, there’s also now support for systems with more than 2GB of RAM on a 32-bit host, New “Virtual” hardware, and a ton of other things that probably won’t stand out to you unless you’re deeply involved with the virtualization process.

If you decide this holiday season to take Windows 7 for a spin, you can do it for free with Virtualbox 4.0. If you’re interested in the thoughts of one of our writers, Grant took both VirtualBox and Parallels for a spin and provided a brief overview of his experience.

You can get the changelog here.

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