This One Apple Store In Delaware Sells A LOT Of iPhones

If you were to think of the most successful Apple Store in the world, you’d probably think of major flagship stores like the one on Fifth Avenue in New York City or perhaps the company’s store in Beijing. One you wouldn’t consider to be at the top of the list, is the Apple Store located in Delaware’s Christiana Mall.

Staff at the Delaware location have begun to take credit as being the world’s top Apple Store in terms of iPhone sales. While the store’s employees admit that the 24/7 Fifth Avenue location takes in more money overall, they claim that they are number one when it comes to selling iPhones.

“We’re the key shopping destination between Baltimore and Philadelphia. We’ve got 6,500 parking spaces, and they’re always all full,” says store manager Steve Chambliss. Beside the store’s convenient location along Interstate 95, it also has the benefit of being in Delaware, a state that has no sales tax.

This ideal combination has customers constantly making visits from surrounding states like New Jersey, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania. The savings on taxes are so significant that some of the store’s customers have been known to buy hundreds of iPhones at once with the intention of reselling them later for profit.

The Apple Store is so popular in fact, that it has anywhere between two and ten Delaware state troopers working security and crowd control at all times.

Apple won’t officially comment on an individual store’s sales figures, so all this information is coming from the store’s employees themselves. A tax-less iPhone does sound like something myself and everyone I know would be interested in though, so I wouldn’t doubt it.

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