Office 2010 to get Outlook and some new price points.

If there’s on thing that sucks worse than, it’s Entourage.  Apparently Microsoft knows it too, so they’re now planning on bringing the corporate mail giant Outlook over in the next version of Office:Mac.  We can expect it to emerge in the Office 2010 package which should be ready for the upcoming holiday season.

It’s rumoured that Microsoft has rewritten the package from scratch, and that it will integrate seamlessly with Apple’s Time Machine and Spotlight applications.  I’m not gonna make any predictions about making the switch to Outlook just yet, but I will say that I’ll give it some serious consideration when it’s released.  I’m hoping this release will move to push Apple into updating some of the functionality in

Competition is good, right?

Keeping with all things Microsoft, there will be a disctinctly different version system set up for the next Office release, the AP is reporting that we will see the Home and Student edition remaining at the 150.00 price point, but the Standard version and the Special Media Version will be eliminated and replaced with a 400.00 Business version.

Maybe I’ll pass on the Outlook afterall and finally get around to purchasing that elusive 79.00 iWork.

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