‘NYT Now’ To Bring iPhone Users The Times For $8 A Month

The New York Times has announced a new app/subscription option which it will be launching April 2nd that will target people looking for a cheap digital subscription to the paper.

The app entitled “NYT Now” will be offered exclusively for iPhone/iPod touch, and will give readers a “core” package of news. The app will be maintained by 10 New York Times editors who will select the articles that will be viewable in the cheaper option. While most articles will come from The New York Times itself, the app will sometimes include major stories from other news sites around the web.

Users will be able to download NYT Now for free, with the ability to read 10 free articles each month, while subscribers that pay the $8 charge will be able to read as many articles within the app as they wish.

Currently subscribers can pay either $15 a month to receive the daily paper on iPhone, or $20 to get it on iPad.

The Times will also introduce a new premium option titled “Times Premier”, which will cost $45 each month and will give readers a “behind-the-scenes” look, more crosswords, and that will utilize more articles from the newspaper’s archives.

If $8 a month for news sounds intriguing to you, remember to check out the App Store next Tuesday when NYT Now launches.

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