Nvidia Investigating Release Of Encrypted Passwords, Advises Password Changes

Nvidia is currently investigating the release of encrypted passwords from its user forums. This is another data breach, following other websites that were also recently hacked like Yahoo! and LinkedIn. A group of hackers who call themselves Team Apollo posted about 800 entries on Pastebin. Records include user names, email addresses, encrypted passwords, and profile information of users.

Nvidia has since said that the profile information was already public on the forums, which may include a person’s age, birth date, gender, and location.

Nvidia has stated that forums were shut down earlier this month when suspicious activity was first discovered. In a statement on Thursday, the company said: “We are employing additional security measures to minimize the impact of future attacks.”

In light of this, Nvidia has advised users who use the same password for other websites to change them. Forum users will receive an email from Nvidia with a temporary password and instructions on how to reset their account.

Last week Yahoo! confirmed that 450,000 unencrypted passwords and user names were stolen from its Contributor Network by a group of hackers known as D33Ds Company.

Source: Macworld
Image Credit: KitGuru

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