Nokia Teases Monday News, Probably Related To The Pureview 808

The same day that Microsoft is holding a press event, Nokia will be releasing information on a new product. We know this because of a photo Nokia US has posted to their Facebook page. This photo features a Roland TR-808, a famous rhythm maker. The other photos uploaded include a picture of Honolulu (which has the area code ‘808’) and a small crop of a Nokia Pureview 808 photo. All of these photos have the date “06.18.12” written across the center. Finally, Nokia has posted a Facebook status which reads:

808 reasons to be excited about Monday

While Nokia US hasn’t released any official information on Monday’s news, it seems pretty ovbious: Nokia is launching the Pureview 808 in the United States. The Pureview 808 was originally announced at the Mobile World Conference 2012 and has an international release date of June 21. The reason that a US release date is strange is because Nokia recently said they would no longer sell their Symbian based smartphones in the US.

If you’re unaware, the Nokia Pureview 808 is a pretty strange phone. It runs Symbian Belle and features a crazy 41-megapixel camera. For the most part, the Pureview 808 is a niche phone only meant for someone who wants an overkill camera phone.

Source and Image Credit: Nokia US (Facebook) via Engadget

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