Nokia Steps Into The iPhone Bashing Ring, Releases New Commercial That Mocks iPhone 5’s Lack Of Color

Like Samsung before, Nokia has also released a new ad that makes fun of Apple’s iPhone 5. But whereas Samsung mostly made fun of iPhone users in their ads while promoting the best features of the Galaxy S III, Nokia’s commercial just focuses on color.

The commercial starts out by showing how dull and boring iPhone users live, until one guy steps up to get his new iPhone 5 and asks about his color options. This really angers the Apple retail staff and sets off alarms and buzzers. The man runs outside where he notices people with the Lumia 920 in all kinds of colors, brightening up a very bleak city.

While it’s kind of an interesting commercial, it doesn’t really do anything for Nokia’s smartphone, other then tell people that it comes in all kinds of awesome colors. Unlike with Samsung’s Apple bashing ads, I’m left without any new information about what Nokia’s smartphone offers. I just know it comes in more colors than black and white. Would this commercial really be enough to sway iPhone users from switching to Nokia’s Lumia 920? Seriously? Kinda doubtful.

Source: YouTube

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