Nokia Loses $1.7 Billion, Windows Phone Still Irrelevant


Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO has announced some disappointing numbers for his company. Despite their big bet on the Windows Phone platform, Nokia has continued to lose sales. In fact, they have lost $1.7 billion USD.

Nokia sales stats:

  • Year over year change: -24%
  • Quater over quarter change: -27%
  • Change from Q1 2011 to 2012: -29%

This is pretty bad news for the once dominant player in the phone market. Nokia did sell 20 percent more phones in the US this quarter than last quarter, but it is down from 2011’s Q1 sales. Apple Insider points out that while Nokia is trying to spin this as good news on the North American front, it actually looks pretty grim.

Nokia is falling, Palm has fallen, RIM has fallen, and Microsoft seems to be flailing in the mobile OS department. Without a doubt, Apple completely changed the landscape in 2007 with the announcement and launch of the original iPhone. The only other platform that is doing well is Android, and it is fair to credit that to Google and their hardware partners jumping on cloning Apple’s success as soon as possible. Talk about a revolution.

Source: AppleInsider

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