Ninja Steve Jobs action figure available and instantly sold out

Remember M.I.C.? They are the company that brought us the incredibly detailed Steve Jobs action figure. Well, they’re back at it with a new release, cleverly dubbed the “Phenomenal Pineapple CEO Action Figure (Ninja Edition)” in an attempt to avoid another run-in with Apple’s lawyers. Good luck with that one.

This time, Steve is sporting an awesome ninja outfit, complete with customizable speech bubbles and ninja face and head wrap. He also comes with interchangeable hands, holding either ninja throwing stars, a black iPhone, or a white iPhone.

Don’t bother heading on over to the M.I.C. store, however, because they are already sold out of their limited run of 300. Well, you can go there if you like. There are nice photos there of the ninja Steve. If you really want one, you can leave your email on a waiting list, and they’ll let you know when more become available.

The original SJ action figure was discontinued shortly after its initial offering in November 2010, after Apple’s lawyers asked them to cease all marketing and sales of the product. No word on whether simply covering up the face with a black cloth and not mentioning anything about Steve Jobs or Apple will allow them to continue to use Steve Jobs’ likeness without his prior consent.

Article Via tipb

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