Nexus 7 Has A Magnetic Sensor Like The iPad

This video shows off an interesting feature of the Nexus 7 that is unambiguously a direct imitation of Apple’s smart cover technology. Inside of the Nexus 7 is a sensor that can tell when a magnet is placed and removed from the side of the device. When the magnet is there, the screen shuts off. When the magnet is removed, the screen comes to life. Considering how much fighting Apple has been doing in the courts to keep imitators from selling products, it is a real surprise to find a Google-branded device so blatantly cribbing from the iPad.

The question remains if we’ll see a case or cover that takes advantage of the sensor. It would invite potential legal battles and criticism at the least, but it seems wasteful for them to have included it with no intent to take advantage of the sensor. If you have a theory on what Google plans to do, please take a moment to leave a comment below this post.

Don’t bother with the YouTube comments, though. Believe me when I say that the comments on the YouTube video are just as you would expect: Vile. Something about “iSheep,” I think. Also, the twelve-year-olds explain how obviously Apple and people who use their products are all idiots and the worst thing since Hitler. Save what little hope you have for humanity, and don’t look at the comments.

Source: wwscoggin

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