New App Switcher Concept Pops Up Online, Has Us Wondering Why It’s Still The Same

A new app switcher concept has popped up online over at the Verge that has us wondering exactly what the next steps for the switcher may be in future versions of iOS. Many other concepts have come before, and this surely won’t be the last. One thing they all have in common, however, is that they all provide extra utility to a part of iOS that is very limited in its current state.

The most interesting part of the concept is the toggles for system settings like 3G, Bluetooth, Screen Orientation lock, and Wi-Fi settings. Having just spent the weekend preparing a review on an amazing Bluetooth speaker system, it’s pretty evident that hopping into my settings and digging for a toggle to turn Bluetooth on and off isn’t exactly ideal. Plus, having easy access to these types of settings would make battery management a lot easier, especially if you live in an area where your phone is constantly searching for 3G, LTE, and EDGE towers.

On another note, what I’d really like is some consistency from one device to another. For instance, why does the iPad have a screen brightness slider in the App Launcher bar, but the iPhone doesn’t? It seems pretty arbitrary that it’s on one device but not another. It’s that kind of things that drives me the craziest when using multiple devices in iOS.

What do you think?

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