Netflix Officially Begins To Roll Out Multiple Profiles For All Users

Netflix announced today that it has officially begun to roll out its highly anticipated multiple profile feature, and that all users should have access to them within the next couple days.

For most users, they’ll have to sign onto the Netflix desktop site in order to setup their profiles. There will be a new “manage profiles” option added under user account settings (looking like it’s US only at this point), where users will then be able to make up to five separate profiles for each person that shares the account. PS3 owners, however, will be able to create new profiles directly from the PS3 app itself, the only Netflix app that is able to do this.

After setting up multiple profiles, users will have the option of choosing which profile they want before launching Netflix. They will then get their own list of recommendations and recently viewed content, and each profile can connect to Facebook for suggestions from friends and to share what they’re watching. Users will be able to choose a small avatar to represent their profile, and users that connect to Facebook will see their profile picture as the avatar.

If you want to see how exactly multiple profiles work and how to set them up, watch Netflix’s official video below.

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