Netflix coming to Canada, finally

If Blockbuster was hoping that Canada would remain a safehaven for their dying business model, then today they took a shot straight in the gut. Netflix is coming to Canada, and Canadians are pretty damn excited about it, considering the amount of tweets we’re seeing about the news.

Yup, you’ve heard me right, Netflix is finally coming to Canada this fall, despite being available in the US for years. According to, Canadians will now be able to “Watch as many movies & TV episodes as [we] want!” But, they also announce in smaller print, “Unlimited movies & TV episodes over the Internet right to your TV and computer.” So, we’re not 100 percent sure what’s being announced here. Are Canadians only getting access to streaming content? Will we see a crippled lineup of titles? We have no idea.

We’re also not sure if we’re going to get access to iPhone and iPad applications for Netflix. As it currently stands, all we know is that Netflix is coming to Canada, but the nature of their arrival is still a giant question mark. If you remember back when Apple brought TV shows to Canada, a large number of titles were missing on release day, and there’s still a huge number of shows not available in Canada.

I’ve sent off an email to the PR team asking these questions. If we hear back, I’ll be sure to update you.

Article Via The Globe and Mail

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