Netflix Canada inks a deal with Paramount

While movies and television shows have been slowly finding their way to Netflix in the Great White North, the heavy hitting blockbuster films seem to be trickling in slower than sap from a maple tree. There are a lot of decent films on Netflix, but not many modern blockbusters make an appearance. Thankfully, that trend might have come to an end today: Netflix Canada has penned a deal with Paramount.

The agreement between Netflix and Paramount will bring new movies and TV titles to Netflix Canada subscribers over the next five years—approximately 350 new titles in total.

This agreement will allow them (subscribers) to watch some of the latest hit Paramount films as well as an incredible range of the studio’s recent and classic favorites anytime they want,” said Ted Sarandos, Netflix chief content officer.

Saying the move is long overdue isn’t exactly fair considering how relatively new Netflix is to Canada, but I can probably speak for most Canadians when I say more content is always welcome.

Article Via The Hollywood Reporter

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