Native iPhone content posting to Google+ by way of DoAT

It’s anyone’s guess when Apple will approve the Google+ iPhone app. We won’t insinuate that there is any “feet dragging” going on due to recent static between the two companies.

Until it hits the App Store though, you can start posting to Google+ by way of DoAT  and the clever bit of trickery included in their latest release.

DoAT is an online service aggregator with a really impressive list of tie ins. Its search feature is pretty mind blowing as it cycles through all of the apps you use for what you’re looking for, including but no where near limited to movies, music, social networks etc. Oh, did we mention you can also pretty much aggregate the whole Internet from this app?

Until Google releases an API for accessing Google+, DoAT has managed implementation by utilizing a little bit of spidering trickery.

DoAT uses the mobile version of Google+ and can then insert both the name of the page you are viewing as well as the link to it right into your stream.

Source: TUAW

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