Montreal To Receive New Apple Store, Expand On Existing Store

A new Apple retail store is set to arrive in Montreal, Canada, in the Mail Champlain in the city of Brossard.  It’s not clear where the exact location of the store will be in the mall, but there are a number of vacant spaces that are the right size for an Apple Store. The new Apple Store is expected to open by the end of the year. The metro Montreal area now has three Apple Stores for its 3.8 million residents, and one of these stores will be seeing an expansion.

The Apple Store at the Carrefour Laval shopping mall in the Montreal suburbs will be going under construction, with a plan to expand the store by 80 percent and double the size of the store front. According to ifoAppleStore, the RW&CO beside Apple will close or relocate, leaving a 4,884 square-foot space empty. This space will then be used by Apple, taking down the dividing wall to create a combined space of about 10,979 square-feet.

This Apple Store opened in 2006 to bring sales and service to the mostly French-speaking north suburb of Montreal. Consistent with most of Apple’s other retail stores, traffic has increased over the years, which is why Apple is now expanding. It’s not clear when the expansion construction will be finished or when the store will reopen.

Source: ifoAppleStore
Image Credit: Apple

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