Monitor Your Health Using Just Your Thumb, Your iPhone, And The Tinké

If you’ve ever wanted to know key aspects of your health such as your heart rate, your heart rate variability, your blood oxygen level, and your respiratory rate, there’s never been an easier way than with the Tinké.

This health add-on for your iPhone runs $119.99 and provides you with extensive information on your health just by having you give it a simple touch of your finger. Not only does it provide you with various health information, but it also gives you an overall fitness score to give you a clear picture of how your body’s doing. It even gives a Zen Index score which can measure your stress and relaxation levels. The Tinké will then monitor your improvements (or your failures) over time to show you how you’re progressing.

If the Tinké sounds like something you might be interested in, watch the how-to video for it up top and check out the product’s website here.

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